History of Scheuten

1950 - Foundation by the father of Jacques Scheuten, starting with the production and processing of various types of flat glass in Venlo, The Netherlands

1970 - Scheuten is one of the first Dutch companies producing glass for thermal insulation

1983 - Laminated glass is introduced on the market by Scheuten

1988 - Acquisition of Scheuten Insulation Glass West Netherlands

1989 - Acquisition of 'Glashandel en Ramenfabriek Van Dam en De Koning'

1990 - Mommaerts NV is acquired – now known as Scheuten Insulation Glass Belgium

1990 - Introduction tempered glass in the range

1994 - Glasindustrie Polypane NV is taken over

1995 - Start sales of coated glass

1997 - Acquisition of Glashandel Pels en Joosten – now Scheuten Insulation Glass North-West Netherlands

2000 - Joint Venture Agreement for the purpose of the foundation of Moustier 4 NV

2001 - Acquisition of Glas Marks GmbH – now Scheuten Insulation Glass Germany

2002 - Creation of the division Scheuten Solar to development and production of solar cells

2005 - 'Glashandel en Ramenfabriek Van Dam en De Koning' is sold

2007 - Start float factory f | glass in Osterweddingen (D)

2007 - BGT Bischoff Glastechnik AG is acquired

2007 - Absoluut Glastechniek is taken over  – now Scheuten Absoluut Glastechniek (SAGT)

2008 - Acquisition of Glaszentrum Schweikert GmbH, Fränkische Thermoglas and Stubacher Produktionsgemeinschaft Sicherheitsglas

2011 - Subsidiary BGT Bischoff Glastechnik AG takes a stake in Mediaglass GmbH

2012 - With the closure of the division Scheuten Solar Scheuten focuses 100% on flat glass again

2013 - Moustier 4 NV is sold

2013 - Glaszentrum Schweikert GmbH, Fränkische Thermoglas and Stubacher Produktionsgemeinschaft Sicherheitsglas are sold

2014 - Sales of Glasindustrie Polypane NV

2015 - Scheuten daughter BGT buys SITEC Produktions GmbH in Waghäusel, Germany

2016 - Creation of Scheuten Projects, in which Scheuten Venlo, SAGT, BGT Bischoff Glastechnik AG and SITEC Produktions GmbH intensify their cooperation to better serve the projects market

2017 - Private equity investor Value Enhancement Partners acquires Scheuten Glass Holding, including all sites in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany; The share in float factory f | glass in Osterweddingen (D) is sold

2018 - Scheuten launches a stillages app to register empty packaging swiftly and easily

2019 - Founder Jacques Scheuten passes away after a short illness

2020 - BGT, part of Scheuten Projects, takes over OKALUX in Marktheidenfeld, Germany. Shortly thereafter, Scheuten itself is aquired by Swiss Glas Trösch from private equity investor Value Enhancement Partners. This includes all sites in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and all involved employees.