On the outside your advertising/message, inside transparent keeping full daylight and a free view outside!

Away with old facade and static banners, welcome to the digital world of glass! With Mediaglass® you can sharply show 24/7 advertising and other messages (still and moving) on your glass facade, while seen from within this facade remains completely transparent nevertheless. That is THE distinctive advantage of Mediaglass®: Your message can be seen crisp clear both from afar and up close and even in daylight, while the daylight can freely enter, with uninterrupted views out to anyone who is inside the building. Since exchanges images / movies is very easy, you can always show your most up-to-date messages.

For this, modern LED technology is used which combines high light output with low energy consumption. The number of LEDs and its density over the glass is determined individually depending on the circumstances, such as the sight distance to the facade. The LEDs are incorporated between the glass panes themselves in cords of plastics, and are therefore not exposed to (weather) influences from outside. This makes them last much longer, maintenance is minimal and that saves costs. Still a LED out of order? Then it can be easily replaced from above.

Via our subsidiary Bischoff Glastechnik GmbH (BGT) Scheuten Projects supplies the Mediaglass® system custom-made both for existing facades as well as in new buildings and in virtually any configuration or dimension. So even in combination with solar and heat control, fire proof and/or insulation glass.

Mediaglass® is ideal for (entrance) facades of for example stores / shopping malls and companies, cinemas, theaters and concert halls or public buildings. Curious to learn more? Please feel free to contact us!

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