The Scheuten Secursafe® tempered or pre-stressed glass is about five times stronger than standard non-tempered glass. This means that tempered glass can withstand a much greater mechanical shock load, impact load, flexural strain and temperature shock. If unwelcome glass breakage occurs, the window will disintegrate into small, harmless glass particles.

Tempered glass is used a great deal in places where many people may come in direct contact with a glass surface and where breakage of non-tempered glass would result in personal injury. It is perfect for use in glass doors, display windows and storefronts and glass furniture or squash courts for example. Tempered glass is also used in places where glass has to withstand greater temperature stress, for instance. Tempered glass may also be used in areas where extra wind pressure occurs.

Scheuten provides a complete range of tempered glass types under the name Secursafe®.

You will find information in our datasheets.