Scheuten Projects


From project delivery to execution, our competencies are your advantages!

Scheuten Projects means 100% project focus from a network with impressive production capacity: Printing, tempering, laminating, insulating, bonding, post-treatments, and more. Thanks to our impressive production resources we produce and deliver quickly and professionally.

We provide appropriate solutions, with as high as 90% of your glass requirements being produced in-house. The remaining 10% we obtain in total freedom from external sources. Our independence guarantees free access to all types of glass and coatings for exactly the appropriate design and technical solutions. We work with all suppliers and do not have to limit ourselves to meet your needs.

You benefit from the close cooperation of four in projects specialized companies with collectively over 100 years of experience! We are (literally!) close to our production faclities for project-related development, rapid communication, and quick and fitting solutions. Because our engineers are a member of the Standards Committee in the Netherlands and Belgium, we are always up to speed on the latest laws, standards and regulations. All this guarantees the best composition, the best solution and most efficient implementation to meet all requirements and limitations.

We help you make money because we eliminate stagnation and complications in your execution. For this we invest much energy in a thorough planning and preparation, and in smart solutions for savings, both on product, packaging and logistics level. Ultimately you'll reap all the (financial) benefits from our way of working!

From large scale and trouble-free shipment of high-end project glass all over the world to the logistic operations of our closed lorries (protection from moisture, dirt and scratches) with adapted unloading machinery, that places your glass exactly there on your construction site, where you need to have it put, in order to ensure a smooth implementation. Partial deliveries because you have little space on the construction site? We package and supply the glass in the order you want. The proximity of our production facilities allows for a flexible and efficient implementation!

Our assortment is incredibly wide-ranging, from regular glass products to specialty solutions in various applications. And all this up to 8.50m x 2.70m single and multi-layered glass, and 6m x 3.21m insulation glass! Away with limitations in your project...!