Solar control and heat control glass



An abundance of sun and warmth in your home or office is as disturbing as too little. In a world where climate changes lead to hotter summers and air conditioning has become a standard tool, solar control and heat control glass are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and appropriate solutions.


  • It increases your comfort: Enjoying throughout the year from daylight, sunshine and warmth of the sun instead of suffering from it, especially for larger window surfaces and / or south-facing windows. Also keep in mind sleeping and working rooms for a good night rest or enjoyable working (also in a warm summer).
  • You can leave curtains and shutters open and thereby take full advantage of natural daylight.
  • Your investment quickly pays for itself through energy savings (less air conditioning) and lower costs of other, extra sun protection measurements like curtains, blinds, etc.
  • This makes solar control and heat control glass environmentally friendly.

With solar control and heat control glass concessions are made in the light transmittance. In other words: Less solar transmission (SF) goes at the expense of the light transmission (LT). However, with Scheuten solar control and heat control glass you get less heat and still much light! Because the solar control and heat control glass is often processed as insulation glass, it has a heat-resistant function in the sunny, hot summer, and offers thermal insulation in the cold winter!

Scheuten solar control and heat control glass is available in different types, depending on preference and budget, both in active and passive format. From invisible barriers through special solar and heat-resistant coatings on the glass (Brilliant®) to fully coloured and/or reflective coatings (Isolide Sun®):

For advice and more information about solar control and heat control glass you can contact your Scheuten contact person or have a look at our datasheets.