Isolide® Brilliant

Isolide® Brilliant is insulating glass with a special solar control coating which also has heat insulating properties. The application of this coating enables ample daylight to enter and keep out the majority of heat radiation at the same time. These properties, combined with outstanding thermal insulation, make Isolide® Brilliant a glass for all seasons.

In addition, the colour of this insulating glass product appears neutral when viewed from the outside. This, along with negligible outside light reflection, is an important design factor for architects.

Isolide® Brilliant stands for multifunctional insulating glass. Every type in the Isolide® Brilliant range has a Ug-Value that matches the superior Low-E glazing classes. Combined with our Warm Edge spacer, each Isolide® and Trisolide® glass performs even better by reducing the insulation value of your overall window. It also ensures a beautiful (standard) black finish in your frame.

Isolide® Brilliant can also be effortlessly combined with other Scheuten glass products, such as Multisafe®, Secursafe® tempered glass, Colorsafe® Design or fire resistant glass. Good sound control properties can also be achieved by selecting the right glass construction.

Isolide® Brilliant provides architects with virtually unlimited opportunities for designing transparent facades without making concessions to interior environmental climate control and is, therefore, mainly used for large glass areas in commercial construction.

You will find more information in our datasheets.