Noise barrier


They are often seen but rarely consciously perceived and yet there are many people who benefit from them every day: Noise barriers. Alongside motorways, railways and other areas where reducing noise is desired or necessary. Scheuten Projects has extensive experience with noise barriers of sound control glass, and therefore your preferred partner. You are seeing more Scheuten glass, then you probably think: From the sound barriers along the A73, A74, the A10 around Amsterdam or soon the 22km longf noise barriers along the Parkstad Ring in South Limburg, and more...!

Why Scheuten?
There are several excellent reasons to opt for Scheuten glass in the construction of your noise barriers. As a Dutch manufacturer, we have all the knowledge of the (CE and national) standards, regulations (among others GCW2012) and environmental legislation. Obviously this is secured with all required certificates.

Our flexibility is unparalleled: Due to the proximity of our production sites to your construction site, we offer a full unburden concept in the field of logistics, planning and packing. Like partial deliveries to your construction site, because we know you have limited space there. And flexible packaging in a specific, predetermined and customised order any way you desire. Very convenient, but more importantly it will save you lots of time, lots of stress and improves / decreases your handling significantly. Or: You save with Scheuten many (hidden) costs, which would otherwise unconsciously add up significantly!

Is there still a problem? We provide quick troubleshooting. Through years of development and testing, we have gained a lot of knowledge for all applications in this field after all. Also for help with the implementation, we are your preferred partner. Scheuten Projects is happy to inform you. Just get in touch with us for more information!