Multisafe® Fade



Multisafe® Fade is an advanced laminated safety glass design product, especially suitable for balustrades and/or balconies. It offers a large, perfectly seamless milky white fade out and combines design, safety and privacy. Multisafe® Fade is so advanced, because it has a perfect gradual gradient / fade out from milky white to transparent, whereby the transitions are not visible to the naked eye at all.

Multisafe® Fade is custom made with competitive prices in the following sizes:

  • Gradient part: 350 mm
  • Opaque/matte part: ≤470 mm (±3 mm) with an LTA of 60% (± 5%)
  • Transparent part: ≤680 mm
  • Totalling max. 1.500 mm. Bigger sizes on request.


  • The matt part covers bottom edges of balconies and balustrades
  • It offers privacy looking from below as well
  • The fade out releases lots of light and clear views fast
  • NEN3569 certified safety glass
  • Blocks ≤99% of all harmful UV radiation
  • Easy to clean
  • More sustainable and environmentally friendly compared to chemically treated alternatives

Would you like to learn more about Multisafe® Fade? Do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to answer all your questions.