Scheuten Glass has a range of specially developed horticulture high-transmissive insulation products: Isolide VenloW-energy® glass. These innovative products provide the following benefits:

  • Significantly (up to 70%) lower energy costs (compared to single glass) due to HR ++ score;
  • Increased productivity and efficiency through more light and light scattering: The larger sizes of the glass (3.18m x 1.98m) require fewer frames and thus create more light output;
  • A safe workplace: Isolide VenloW-energy® Glass is tempered safety glass (EN 12150, CE marked);
  • Best results because of customization: Tailormade product compositions for different crops or individual customer demands;
  • Long-term investment and savings: Proven and highly durable glass and coating technology.

With system partners we have developed a completely new and fully optimized VenloW-energy® insulation greenhouse concept; The solution for a green future for horticulture. It is yhe energy efficient successor to the world famous "Venlo house".

Be surprised by the many customer-specific functionalities that we can put together for you and feel free to contact us.

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