Facade construction


Do you want a total solution for your glass facade by experts, who give sound advice for a smooth implementation, which meets the latest standards, laws and regulations regarding the environment and safety? And who take into account your technical, budgetary and aesthetic requirements, ensuring a long-lasting aesthetic effect? Then you are at the right place at Scheuten Projects!

From project delivery to project execution, our skills are your benefits. Facade builders and architects all over the world have already made use of Scheuten Projects, because they know we deliver. Our glass experts have already been used for glass in the World Trade Center I in New York, the Evolution Tower in Moscow and the ECB building in Frankfurt, to name but a few remarkable buildings. Also in the Netherlands our facades are in the spotlights, like the Haga Hospital in The Hague or the 4th Gymnasium in Amsterdam. Piece by piece fine examples facade construction where our expertise and technical capabilities successfully were implemented to great satisfaction.

Our focus is on high-end facade projects. Challenges such as glass with large dimensions, with or without a variety of designs, tempered, laminated, with and without a sun and heat reflective coating and / or in combination with various glass functionalities, even without visible glass fixation construction? Been there, done that. A comforting thought!

From customization in the field of engineering to logistic solutions: You must have Scheuten. We'd be happy to help you out!