5x stronger than regular safety glass

SentryGlas® is an ideal product for complex glazing projects where more strength, safety, security and / or an improved appearance is required. It is safety glass which provides more than usual safety glass, because a different "Sentry" intermediate film is used instead of standard PVB. It is therefore used especially where owners and residents have a need for even more security and strength (and reassurance).

Stronger is safer
SentryGlas® has exceptional residual strength and maintains its shape even when both glass panes would break. Due to its special Sentry film SentryGlas® is100 times stiffer and five times stronger than conventional PVB interlayers. As a result, thinner arrays with equal or greater strength are possible.

Lighter means more design options
Because SentryGlas® is lighter than standard safety glass, it offers new design possibilities for architects and designers. For example, larger panels can be used with less auxiliary devices and a lighter load-bearing structure required, which as such enhance the visual effects and save costs.

Powerful security
SentryGlas® also offers a particularly strong form of security glass: Because of the five times higher tensile strength and 100 times better stiffness of the glass compared with conventional PVBs, SentryGlas® offers more security against prolonged physical attacks and threats than any other traditional laminated glass. Because SentryGlas® is stiffer and harder to crack than conventional laminate interlayers, it withstands a greater impact, such as intrusion attempts.

With or without UV block
SentryGlas is available in both a UV-transparent option, as with a conventional UV-blocking interlayer. Unlike most laminat technologies SentryGlas® does not require UV protection for lasting strength and clarity. Therefore SentryGlas® can be applied without any problems in the design of controlled environments for plants and animals that are UV light dependable.

Applications for SentryGlas® are very diverse. They include certain geographical locations, for instance with extreme weather conditions. That can be in a desert, where it can be very hot, or in the mountains or polar regions, where it becomes freezing cold. Both climates cause extreme temperatures and temperature differences, for which stronger glass is required (to avoid thermal breakage). Other places where SentryGlas® is used a lot are areas where typhoons or hurricanes frequently occur (wind pressure).

Obviously SentryGlas® is common in facade construction, but is also used for indoor and outdoor canopies, skylights / roofs, stairs, floors, railings or special projects such as balustrades (free outside edges) and glass bridges.

All in all a special type of glass that Scheuten can also supply. Ask your Scheuten contact for it!