Tempered glass


Breaking pattern of different kinds of glass

Tempered glass provides additional safety because upon breaking it does not disintegrate into dangerous shards but into small, blurry glass beads. Therefore it falls under safety glass, that is required for inner walls and doors made of glass or shower enclosures, for instance.

Tempered glass is subjected to a temperature treatment: After heating up strongly it is cooled down by force. This creates an internal compressive stress which ensures that tempered glass is up to 5 times stronger than normal glass. In addition, tempered glass can withstand greater differences in temperature from for example heatings. In short: Tempered glass is designed to be difficult to break. But when it breaks, it breaks with a blow, but safe!


Applications are often structural (local glass tensions), to guarantee safety, and thermal. For example, for balconies or places in which the glass must be able to withstand a greater load or variation in temperature. In addition, it is very suitable in places with exceptional wind pressure (in skyscrapers for example).

Scheuten Projects provides tempered glass for all applications in both large and small sizes whether it is single glazing or in combination with other glass functionalities as double or triple insulation glass is. For questions just contact us!