Sound control glass



Insulation glass in itself is already a form of sound control glass. But even double insulation glass will not keep out all distracting noise from outside. Often more sound control is desirable or necessary. This is possible with a wider space between the glass panes, but this comes at the expense of the heat insulation. To insulate both heat and sound well, Scheuten sells under the brand names Isolide Phon®, Trisolide Phon® and Multi Phon® sound control (insulation) glass. This stops noise and sound in various frequencies up to 4x better than regular double insulation glass, through different thicknesses of the glass, a large cavity and special (and obviously transparent) sound control PVB films: Scheuten Acoustic Film (SAF).

For example, you live or work close to:

  • Motorways, main roads and/or busy intersections;
  • Railways and airports;
  • Busy shopping areas and/or a busy supermarket;
  • Entertainment areas (disco, bars, terraces);
  • Industrial areas (trucks, factories);
  • Schools and playgrounds;
  • Market squares (carnival, fair, festival);
  • Tourist areas;
  • A hospital, fire brigade or police station (sirens).

Additionally, you can use sound proof glass indoors to isolate noise, for instance as a partition wall or when discretion is required, such as in (management) offices or consulting rooms. Or for skylights or the glass roof of your veranda to greatly dampen the noise of rain and hail!

  • Severely increases your comfort: Better living and working climate with more calmness and less noise. This allows you to sleep better with less stress and a better health (also think of your children). Or for more concentrated studying and working;
  • The sound-proof plastic film in the glass blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, so your furniture/curtains/paintings irreparably discolor less rapidly. This makes your additional investments quickly repay!
  • It is an investment in the value of your property: Your investments for the sound proof glass are not lost.
  • Families with (young) children who need their sleep;
  • For people with irregular working hours, i.e. working in shifts, so often sleep during the day while others outside are active;
  • Residents who work at home or have an office at home, or who are studying at home;
  • For elderly and others who often like to do an undisturbed nap during the day;
  • For people who have to deal with a lot of disturbing external sounds (for example a continuously running pond pump or air conditioner, chickens/rooster from neighbours, or outside parties);
  • When you need your holidays in a quiet region for getting a rest.

Constant exposure to noise has become in our society unfortunately almost so obvious and established, that we have become accustomed to living with it. Still, it is so bad for your health, scientists already talk of sound diseases. Prolonged exposure to noise is very unhealthy (being used to it or not) and can cause a range of serious health problems, such as:

  • A higher risk of heart attack (+14%, even +27% for 65+ years)
  • Mood swings and concentration problems
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Headaches and stress

For different types of noise (sound frequencies), there are several options of sound proof glass, insulating sound in different strengths. For advice and information please contact your Scheuten glass supplier. More information can be found as well in our datasheets.