Burglary proof glass

Did you know that most of the burglaries occur through the windows? In typical anti-burglary measures overviews burglary proof glass is (almost) never mentioned, however. An alarm system only reports a burglary, but cannot prevent it (thieves have become very quick in looting as a response). Only burglary resistant building hardware is insufficient, as the thief will just throw a stone through your window glass, or strikes with a hammer or crowbar and as such easily enters your property.

It is therefore always a combination of measures, including Scheuten Multisafe® burglary proof glass, which allows for optimal burglar resistance measures. 

Scheuten Multisafe® burglary proof glass consists of various types and combinations of two or more glass plates which are merged together with one or more film layers. In case of breakage the glass fragments remain attached to the elastic PVB film, which is almost impossible to penetrate. So the thief will be quickly disappointed, should he try to break in into your building!

There are six rising resistance classes (RC) for burglary proof glass, which Scheuten all produces and sells as Multisafe® burglary proof glass:

RC 1 - Simple burglary proof
No burglary resistance in time.

RC 2 - Standard burglary proof
This offers considerable resistance to the occasional thief concerning the hinges and locks, but not the glass. This is the absolute minimum: Standard insulation glass and therefore so weak that Scheuten does not want to recommend it as burglary proof.

RC 3 - High end burglary proof
This heavier class burglary proof glass protects against prepared, targeted break-ins and needs special frames and hardware.

For professional channels (banks, jewelers, museums, etc.):
RC 4-6 - On request

  • All financial, comfort-enhancing and environmental benefits of insulation glass;
  • Protecting your valuable personal possessions;
  • Better sense of security: More at ease when you are not home, sleep better at night -> better health condition;
  • When damaged your glass remains closed, so rain and cold are kept outside which prevents further damage. Your daily activities can simply continue until the glass is replaced;
  • The burglary proof film blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, so your belongings will be discoloring irreparably much less!
  • Your additional investments are thus quickly recovered!
  • In case of replacement of glass after a break-in;
  • In regions with a relatively many burglaries or in areas/neighbourhoods with a higher risk of burglary (e.g. in open rural areas);
  • For families with (young) children, elderly people and others who have a sense of insecurity;
  • With precious possessions (insurance requirements) and UV-sensitive furniture;
  • For accessible/reachable (roof) windows and doors for the occasional burglar: Minimum ground floor and 1st floor of a house to a height of 5.5m (depending on available climbing opportunities).

For more information: Multisafe® datasheets or feel free to contact us!