Fire resistant glazings

The Scheuten fire resistant glazing product range has various product groups including tempered glass, specifically coated tempered, laminated glass with cooling epoxy poured resin and laminated glass with various intermediate layers of foaming silicate or gel.

A custom-made single glazing or Isolide® insulation glazing solution is provided subject to the specific fire safety requirement and further product requirements.

Endless combinations possible

Scheuten fire resistant glazing can be used in a broad scope of applications and various solar and heat regulating coatings, security and safety laminates can be applied. The Scheuten fire resistant glazing also offers architectonic freedom in addition to the exceptionally broad application scope and fire safety elements.

The majority of Scheuten fire resistant glazing meets building laws and regulations, including injury prevention, in conformance with the classification NEN-EN 12600 and NEN 3569 Safety glazing in buildings. The various Scheuten fire resistant glazing types have dedicated specific fire resistant properties and classifications. There are three possible fire resistance classifications based on the European standard NEN-EN 13501-2: E, EW and EI.

Guaranteed safety

The fire resistance of glass must always be verified by means of a test report from an independent institute appointed by the European Union. The test is always performed with the glass in the structure it is fitted in, therefore including frame and glazing material. The test report states the tested criteria (E, EW or EI) and the duration achieved.

It goes without saying that both our single-glazing and Isolide® fire resistant glazing have CE marking. This marking indicates that the product has been tested in accordance with the European standards and methods stated above.

Glazing that has no fire resistance certificate in accordance with NEN-EN 13501-2 on the corresponding CE label does not meet the relevant standards and therefore may not be used as fire resistant glass. The glass automatically complies with national legislation (NEN 6069) as soon as the glass has been tested and classified in accordance with European legislation (NEN_EN 13501-2).

Since fire resistant glazing has to comply with very strict regulations, we gladly refer to our sales department. They will provide you with specific advice regarding fire resistant glazing and its applications.

You will find more information in our datasheets.