For both new construction and renovation projects Scheuten Projects provides glass balconies from laminated safety glass with or without any designs, from quality silk screen printing to design and preprinted films, which are mainly advantageous with multiple designs in one building.

Of course, all of our glass balconies fullfill all standards and guidelines and you get solid advice: Our engineers themselves are a member of the standards committee in the Netherlands and Belgium and are (literally) close to our production for firsthand knowledge. They take into account your situation to the smallest detail when calculating the composition and thickness of the glass in relation to cost and safety:

  • Location and wind region
  • Height of the balcony at the building and of the balcony itself
  • Method of clamping (1,2, 3, or 4 sides)
  • Dimensions

You get tailormade solutions, with unmatched support in the entire process. From the sampling beforehand (to optimize design, colours and transparency for the best looks from close by and far away) to the glass supply in parts and packaging per floor to ensure time and cost savings in your implementation.

Interested? Our staff are always happy to help!