Dirt repellent glass

The horror of every housewife or househusband and a hefty cost to owners of office buildings: Dirty glass that always has to be cleaned again. From a tedious and time-consuming job to an almost impossible and expensive task, when the glass is inaccessible for normal cleaning (e.g. because it's at a high altitude). However, it does not have to be as such, when you have the glass treated with ClearShield®, so that it becomes dirt repellent!

Glass seems like a smooth and hard product, but damages at the micro level arise easily. The surface structure is by far not as smooth as it seems, if you look at it from under a microscope. And in those tiny pits dirt accumulates and attaches, for instance because of air pollution, salt crystals and alkaline elements. The result: More and more small lesions require regular cleaning in a process that accelerates over time.

ClearShield®: A crystal clear solution
By treating the glass with ClearShield® it becomes repellent against dirt and contaminants. By entering into a reaction with the glass, dirt has much less chance to attach to the glass for up to 10 years. And so it has to be cleaned far less often. Glass can be treated preventively with ClearShield®, so immediately after production of the glass (recommended), but it can also be retrofitted when the glass is already polluting more often due to minor damage. One way or the other, further damages to the glass are decreased considerably and unnecessary irritation and expenses for cleaning are diminished.

Your benefits

  • Clean glass enhances the living and working comfort: Cleaner glass allows more daylight through, which illuminates rooms better ;
  • More daylight means less artificial light, so less energy expenses, and environmentally sustainable;
  • Also, less use of (less aggressive) cleaning agents is better for the environment and saves costs;
  • Proven and sometimes significant savings of time and expenses through less maintenance and cleaning (do not forget the expenses for tools like platforms);
  • Reduces discoloration of the glass, so the original appearance of the building will be retained longer.

Conclusion: ClearShield® is the nightmare of every professional cleaning company, but the solution to all building owners. If you want your glass to be (pre or post) treated with ClearShield® or would you like additional information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.