Anti-reflection glass

Although glass is intended to see through, this transparency is often prevented by a few annoying features of the glass itself: It reflects and shines. Instead of sharp images of what lies behind it, we see the reflected area in front of the glass. Or the reflection of the sun. How often do you stand with your hand over your eyes and your nose pressed against the glass to clearly see the objects in the shopping window?

Anti-reflection glass is especially developed for glass applications in which excessive glare and reflection are cumbersome and undesirable, and a good transparency is required. The good light transmission and optical properties of anti-reflection glass are mainly desired for shopping windows and showcases, but can also contribute to impressive facades.

The lightweight glass can also be anti-reflective on both sides and it can be combined with other properties, such as thermal insulation and / or solar and heat control, or be tempered as a safety glass. It is available in both small and large sizes. For more information, feel free to contact us!