Scheuten Academy


Scheuten offers with the Scheuten Academy several interactive courses/trainings and practical workshops to loyal customers. Herewith we share our knowledge in the field of glass, glass products and the glass market with you. Our goal is to help you grow following our motto: When our customers grow, we grow with them!


Scheuten Academy is more than 'a chat about glass ", or yet another product or sales training. It is a complete training program, which is offered at various locations in the Netherlands (Venlo, Hoorn), Belgium (Diest) and Germany (Heiden). The interactive courses and trainings are both theoretical and practical by nature to ensure qualitative education. Technical product trainings, but also commercial workshops, and courses in the field of norms, laws and standards, and all specifically geared to your situation. So about glass products and the issues with glass you encounter in your daily work! All courses are given in Dutch or German.

Directly positive effects!

Scheuten Academy gives your employees the tools and knowledge to better advise your clients competently and thereby increases your sales. We train them in an accessible manner in one day in glass functionalites, added value and benefits to your customers and how they can use this knowledge to increase sales and generate higher margins and more satisfied customers! The target groups vary by course/training. From new employees, who need to have a basic education for a successful start in your business, to experienced staff that want to improve their technical and commercial knowledge further to even better serve your customers. Scheuten Academy helps you sell better in different ways and therefore offers you an immediate positive impact on your bottom line!

For loyal partners of Scheuten

For participation in the Scheuten Academy and the various courses costs may arise, but loyal Scheuten partners can receive up to 100% discount! Other interested customers can participate at attractive conditions. Feel free to contact your Scheuten contact person or via this mail address to ask about the conditions, the program, dates and everything you want to know about the Scheuten Academy.