Design glass



Glass is known for its transparency: We like a lot of natural daylight and a clear view outside. But glass is also increasingly being discovered as an art form, also for buildings. Since you do not have to take your glass necessarily in a dull transparent format, we show you under the heading DESIGN glass different options to add a little colour and design to your Scheuten glass. Consider, for example:

  • Silkscreen prints
    Scheuten offers a nearly endless variety of colours, including exactly yours, which can be silkscreen printed on the glass in any design you like (also in large formats). And we store the template molds safely for you so reordering is no problem!
  • Enamelled glass
    With our Colorsafe® we offer enamelled glass that is fully coloured.
  • Design films
    When you take laminated glass, it does not have to be a transparent film that is molded between the glass plates. Metal foils and / or printed films are no problem and are becoming more and more popular. In this way your glass becomes a true work of art!
  • Vaceva coloured foils
    Also full surface coloured foils are widely used to play with colours.
  • LED
    Technological innovation never stops, not even at glass. Glass with embedded LEDs are no longer an exception: With Mediaglass® we offer you the opportunity to even play entire movies on your glass facade, but still enjoy the daylight from the inside!
  • Dichroic film
    If you can not choose between one or the other colour, there is our special multi-coloured foil to even get a rainbow effect to make your wall or facade stand out! PVC-free and up to 97% UV protection.

The different designs are also possible for very large sized glass! The design possibilities above can additionally be used in single, double or triple (insulation) glass, and in combination with other functionalities. In short: It seems it cannot get crazy enough. You ask, we deliver. Ask away!