Scheuten Projects does not only do the glass exterior of your buildings: Also for interior glass products and applications, you need not look anywhere else. Glass is increasingly used inside buildings to create transparency and let more (day)light enter indoors, and with all mordern possibilities in design, technology and functionality this is an excellent choice!

Inner walls and doors
To seperate spaces inside buildings glass offers a just as good solution, if not better, whether transparant or not. It is as safe, especially because of the laminated glass being used. Just as silent, because of the sound control glass being used. But with much more light and transparency. The extent of which you can determine for yourself with the various design options!

You will receive a tailormade glass concept, including the engineering for the optimum glass thickness (depending on size and dimensions). Deliveries are naturally separately packaged per floor and on special small / low glass stillages, which can be used indoors. That avoids extra hassle with the fragile glass and saves you time and costs, while reducing the risk of scratches and breakage.

Balustrades and stairs
Scheuten offers with its Scheuten Super White extra clear glass that beautifully fits your interior, both as balustrade and stair. For optimal safety tempered and laminated glass are used. Thanks to the special post-processing, like polishing, the edges are perfectly formed. Here also you can choose from many options to design your interior.

We calculate the optimal composition according to sizes and clamping for safe and cost-effective application. We'll save you time and money through partial delivery and packaging per floor on our special interior stillages, which minimizes unnecessary risks when restacking or hauling with the glass.

In short: Think of glass for your interior, think of Scheuten. For a consultation, we are here for you!