Isolide® Sun

Isolide® Sun is a mass coloured insulating glass with a solar control coating which influences the amount of penetrating sunlight. It's not an insulation glass with a solar block coating, like Isolide® Brilliant. With its large selection of colours and mirror effects, Isolide® Sun offers architects the means to beautify and design the exterior of a building according to their own tastes.

Isolide® Sun may be combined with a heat reflecting inside sheet (Low-E) to obtain heat-insulating properties comparable with Low-E glass. Combined with our Warm Edge spacer, each Isolide® and Trisolide® glass performs even better by reducing the insulation value of your overall window. It also ensures a beautiful (standard) black finish in your frame.

Isolide® Sun is applied mainly in places where large glass surfaces are used, such as in roof glazing and in structural glazing. This type of glazing is primarily used in commercial construction.

You will find more information in our datasheets.