30 August 2017

New on-line sound control app

New on-line sound control app
Category: Insulation glass (EN), Projects (EN)

Research shows that a constant noise exposure is very unhealthy. In the same investigations, it is found that noise pollution increases, also inside buildings, both at home and at work. Nevertheless, knowledge about and the use of sound control glass in the private sector is still quite limited. Scheuten is now presenting a new sound tool on its website to make the impact of noise protection through sound control glass experienceable. For various types of ambient noise, such as road traffic and aircraft noise, it is possible with this tool to hear how much medium and high-end sound control glass reduces noise as opposed to standard insulation glass.

The sound samples are not simply reduced/turned down in volume over the entire frequency spectrum in order to mimic the effect of noise suppression. The frequencies are attenuated analogously to the values ​​found in the test certificates. The sound tool makes it clear that different noise control films can reduce different noise types in different dimensions.

Hearing, instead of explanations
One can tell people ever so much about dry decibel reductions, it becomes only (really) clear when it is experienced. Therefore, one has to hear the advantages of sound control glass itself and this is what exactly can be done with this sound tool for different noise types with different sound control glasses. The target groups of this sound tool are the customers of Scheuten as well as their customers and end users, who often do not know that there is sound control glass available (for them or at all) or how much improvement (quietness) it can bring them. The sound control app will soon be extended with even more noise types.

Geluidstool-icon-combi.jpgThe sound control tool can be found here and is available in three languages. Since the new Scheuten website is responsive, the sound tool can also easyly be used with smartphone and tablet.