1 June 2017

New Scheuten website

New Scheuten website
Category: Base glass (EN), Corporate (EN), Insulation glass (EN), Projects (EN)

With pride Scheuten Glass presents its fully-renewed website. With almost 1,000 pages, the new website is much more extensive than the previous one, offering you more information about glass and Scheuten. With more news, more projects, more videos and more background information, which are presented in a more structured way according to application and branch and are therefore accessible more easily.

A number of new and interesting tools have been added, such as the handy calculation tools for savings and payback times when replacing window glass for isolation purposes.

Finally, the new website has been upgraded graphically, with more photo’s and movies and has also been improved technically. It is now responsive, therefore easily accessible with smartphones and tablets, and offers more opportunities for social media and SEO applications.

"A new website is never really finished"

Raymond Poulssen, Marketing Manager at Scheuten, states: "We received positive feedback on our previous website on a regular basis, but we saw a lot of potential for both technical and communicative improvements nevertheless. The stronger Scheuten repositioning (including our new Scheuten Projects division) and the enhanced use of social media made the previous website more and more a bottleneck in our communication strategy. This has been improved considerably now. With this completely renewed website (even the CMS is new) we can get ahead in the coming years, even though a website is never really finished. There are already a number of extensions in the planning to offer our visitors even more online."