3 February 2020

Scheuten Projects takes over OKALUX

Scheuten Projects takes over OKALUX
Category: Base glass (EN), Corporate (EN), Insulation glass (EN), Projects (EN)

BGT Bischoff Glastechnik AG in Bretten, part of Scheuten Projects, takes over the resources of OKALUX. OKALUX, since 1965 manufacturer of functional and design-oriented insulation glass, that improves daylight usage, user comfort and energy efficiency, had to file for bankruptcy last year. Now the equipment and the majority of OKALUX employees are taken over by BGT.

Both companies complement each other perfectly
Klaus Wittmann, Managing Director of BGT, explains the background of the takeover: “In the past, BGT and OKALUX have worked together on glass projects many times. We are therefore fully aware of the high quality of the products, the excellent performance, the vast experience and the unique product range of OKALUX. They complement the activities of BGT excellently and herewith we also further expand our insulation glass capacities and skills for handling large-scale projects. We therefore expect many synergies for both companies." Wittmann also points to OKALUX's presence in North America. "BGT has already executed many projects in America, such as World Trade Center 1 & 3 and Louis Vuitton on the 5th Avenue in New York. With a local presence, we can serve this challenging market even better”, concludes Klaus Wittmann.