BIPV stands for Building Integrated Photo Voltaics or integrated solar panels in a building or other object. BIPV is increasingly being incorporated into the construction of a building as a main or auxiliary source of (solar) energy, although also existing buildings may be retrofitted with this technology. One advantage of BIPV with respect to the for the time being more common non-integrated systems is that the higher initial costs are offset by savings in materials and labor. Moreover, it looks a lot nicer: BIPV combines design, durability and cost savings. Because of this, BIPV is one of the fastest growing segments of the photovoltaic industry.

Scheuten Projects provides with Optisol® a BIPV product with solar cells integrated between two layers of glass. This is not only much better looking than single solar panels, it is much lighter, and therefore also much more flexible applicable. As such it can be used in noise barriers or canopies as well.

One of the most famous Dutch buildings with a large BIPV area (Scheuten Optisol®), the Rotterdam Central Station. The head office of Scheuten in Venlo uses BIPV on a large scale as well and also the roof of Berlin Central Station is provided with Optisol® BIPV panels by Scheuten.

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