Warranty Certificates

Scheuten supplies its products with the usual guarantees with different terms. Here you will find the warranty terms per product group:

Please also read our tips on maintenance and warranty.


Our insulating glazing is included in the database for controlled quality declarations. The declaration is based on the NTA 8800 standard, which is used to determine the energy performance of buildings. The declaration means that the energy performance of a standard frame type is defined with our glazing. This is particularly useful when renovating existing window frames, because specific performance is often unknown. With this performance statement, the energy performance of the entire window frame including our glazing is defined in a controlled value for U-window and usable by the EPA advisor. This statement can be downloaded here or from the ISSO and/or Bureau CRG database. The declaration according to the old standards ISSO 82.1, ISSO 75.1 and NEN 7120 can be downloaded from the Bureau CRG, whereby the content is equal for the U-window declaration to the NTA 8800.