Municipality of Rotterdam

Campus, Hoogvliet

The facade and silk screen design of the Campus are exclusively for the Campus project designed by Wiel Arets Architects. The vertically positioned screen printing design shows a leaf motif.

Scheuten Projects

The facade and silk screen design of the Campus are designed by Wheel Arets Architects. It concerns a vertically positioned silkscreen printing design that incorporates a leaf motif and is designed exclusively for the Campus project.

Vorsselmans has made use of a standard Schuco system with self-made modifications. Scheuten and Vorsselmans have jointly translated the wishes of the architect and client to the facades that have been realized.

The uniqueness of these facades is the combination of the aluminum system used, the silkscreen printing design and the extreme dimensions of the glass. The project includes 8,500 m² insulation glass with silkscreen printing and sun protection coating at position 2 and 3,000 m² tempered laminated with silkscreen printing at position 2.

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