Windscreen HSL railway bridge Hollands Diep

Safely crossing the water in the HSL high speed train thanks to Scheuten glass!

Scheuten Projects

In November 2020, the 1,200-meter-long railway bridge over the Hollands Diep will be fitted with a very useful glass windscreen in 13 days to protect the HSL train against strong sea winds, which can seriously affect the train due to its high speed. The windscreen is placed in such a way that the wind is guided over the HSL train, so that it can safely pass the railway bridge even in strong / stormy winds. In the meantime, passengers can continue to enjoy the beautiful view through the glass on their way to their destination thanks to the transparent windshields made of Scheuten glass.

At Scheuten Projects Venlo we are currently producing the 850 panes for this, so that they can be installed by BAM (incorporated in a steel frame in element construction). The glass itself is hardened and of course with a silkscreen print - 'of course' because the silkscreen motif prevents birds from flying against it. Another piece of Scheuten that we can be proud of, this time along the railway track!

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