Facade builder:
Blitta Gevelsystemen BV

6,000 m2 shadow boxes
6,000 m2 Isolide Brilliant and Isolide Superplus insulation glass.

Middle of 2021 (expected)


Valley Amsterdam

There are those projects, of which we can't wait until they are finished, wondering if it will look just as spectacular as on the drawing board ...

Scheuten Projects Insulation glass

Valley in Amsterdam (on the 'Zuidas') is a distinctly innovative and sustainable building with mixed functions, designed by MVRDV. It is already called the Monkey Rock and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and when you see the impression photos, you immediately understand why :-)

Scheuten provides the facade glazing via Blitta Gevelsystemen BV: 6,000 m2 shadow boxes (by Scheuten Projects) and 6,000 m2 Isolide Brilliant and Isolide Superplus insulation glass.

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